Downland Gloaming

Night walks over the old chalk paths and byways of the Downs, along with the work of the artist Eric Ravilious and the poetry of Edward Thomas are the main inspirations behind Allan Grainger’s series of photographs, Downland Gloaming.

For Allan Grainger, the gloaming is that time, that liminal space, when we leave the clarity of the day and enter the light of the imagination. These photographs are equivalents, moments experienced and subtle recordings in a fading landscape and they therefore require time for the eye to adjust to slowly reveal the visual traces, lines, and patterns of the landscape of ancient and modern times. Towner Gallery, 2019

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Arbor Mysterium

Walking in woods at night the imagination is heightened to a degree where space and objects can be transformed; walking through a wood at night is a sublime experience that reveals the beauty within the darkness.

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Psychogeographical Tableaux

Psychogeography is concerned with the way that different places make us feel and behave: it uncovers our connection to a place, which is often overlooked in the everyday maelstrom of urban life. Each tableau is made up of a series of images taken over a period of several days, then edited and assembled.

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